China to become second largest wine consumer by 2020

New figures from Vinexpo predict that wine sales in China will grow by 39.8% in the next three years, leading the country to become the world’s second largest wine market after the US.

Speaking to press on 1 March in London, Vinexpo CEO Guillaume Deglise said that by 2020, China’s wine sales will surpass France and the UK, and grow to a total value of US$21.7 billion, trailing only behind the US’ US$38.6 billion.

Despite its overall size, China’s per capita wine consumption only ranks 36th in the world with 1.34 litres, compared to France’s 47.19 litres. In 2020, per capita consumption is expected to grow to 1.53 litres.

In addition, China is forecast to become the world’s biggest non-sparking wine market by 2020, Deglise said. More than 94.5 million cases of non sparkling wines are expected to be exported to China by that time, an increase of 79.3%.

However, wine consumption still lags behind spirits consumption in the country. China is the world’s biggest consumer of spirits including Baijiu, vodka, whisky and brandies.

2 Responses to “China to become second largest wine consumer by 2020”

  1. Raymond Grech says:

    Hi Drinks Business,
    I have been in the wine industry for well over 30 years. Selling, promoting and marketing many company wines from around Australia with has been exciting., As they say there is never a bad wine – its what you pay for it that shows its worthiness!
    One major area I have always considered but have never had the opportunity is to explore the Export Wine market. With the growth of Australian wines in China and Asia throughout, I truly believe with my passion, dedication and many years of people skills that I can make a big effort towards supporting the growth further for the Aussie wines.

    Please respond if you are keen to follow up my desire or if you know of someone in Asia from Australia that wishes to give me the opportunity to excel my wine passion to China etc..

    Yours sincerely

    Ray Grech

  2. Lahcene Boutouba says:

    Yes just missing for the readers that 80% of wine consumed are Domestic production … an therefore import represent only 20% in total ..

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