Top 10 wine gadgets for 2017

With cars driving themselves, virtual reality taking the world by storm and drones carrying everything from parcels to takeaways, the humble twist-and-pop corkscrew has well and truly had its day.

wine gadgets

Instead, we welcome in the comfortable reign of water-less ice cubes and inflatable corks.

The wine world has been revolutionised in the past decade with technological advancements in every corner of the industry. For a few years, these developments have started appearing on the high street, accessible to the public to ease their wine-based woes.

There are now answers to the questions: how do you keep wine cool at a picnic? Where can I find a space-age corkscrew? Is there such thing as a pop-up wine glass?

Wonder no more. From hi-tech to low-maintenance, we’ve gathered the best wine gadgets on the market to vamp up your drinking experience.

8 Responses to “Top 10 wine gadgets for 2017”

  1. Sam says:

    Great bunch of devices but what about WineMinder? Probably the most useful gadget out of all of them, worth checking out for any wine lover!

  2. Mike Lee says:

    I love wine and anything related to wine is just an added bonus. I also love how wine is one of the few liquors that allows for gadgets to be incorporated be it decanters, servers, or coolers. I have been wanting to spend a little on an Aerator, and the one mentioned here loos really good. The cherry on the cake though is the automatic cork screw which is simply outstanding.

  3. Arjun Malya says:

    Time to show off now LOL in home party.
    Looks COOL

  4. Markfay says:

    Wine my favorite drink but I suggest everybody doesn’t drive drink wine. If you drink wine should not drive a car then make a big accident so you drink wine but free time.

  5. Mia says:

    This article is absolutely for me as I m a hardcore wine lover. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

  6. marry kim says:

    I like wine very much and after reading this article, after knowing about these gadgets, my love towards the wine will be more.
    Thanks for updating my knowledge regarding these gadgets.

  7. Doug Nieto says:

    Air Cork is the best gadgets for save my bottle thanks for info man

  8. za. rizik says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful article.
    check out this beautiful Barrel Picnic wine Basket

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