How important is product innovation to Champagne?

26th October, 2016 by db_staff

Champagne might be steeped in tradition, but to what extent is product innovation driving the category forward, and to what end?

krug-champagne-cellarChampagnes intended to be served over ice is just one innovation to have caught the eye of producers in recent years. Typically aimed at millennials, these frivolous and fun sparklers are often housed in striking, Instagram-friendly bottles, portraying a lifestyle of luxury. These over ice serves are essentially an incredibly clever rebranding of the painfully uncool demi-sec category, which until recently remained a guilty pleasure rather than something to proudly promote on social media and brag about to your friends.

Recent examples of over ice Champagnes include Moët & Chandon’s Moët Ice Impérial, which was launched in 2011. However Piper Heidsieck was first in on the act, championing the concept of the “Piscine” serve – Piper Heidsieck Brut chilled down with ice cubes made from the fizz so as not to dilute the flavour – back in 2006. Served in a large ruby red Piper-branded glass, the “Piscine” went on to become shorthand for anyone drinking Champagne on ice; a trend adopted avidly at beach clubs, high-end bars,….

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