Hot Hong Kong openings: October



Grilled octopus with banana blossom salad

Grilled octopus with banana blossom salad

Nestled in bar-strewn Wyndham Street lies tivo.  Reopening with a new menu and cocktail list, tivo offers contemporary Italian-style bites, morriroing its hip sister restaurant in Kennedy Town.

Boasting chandeliers made out of silver spoons, an eye-catching long bar and mirrored walls, tivo caters to weekday lunchers for only HK$128 for two courses including grilled calamari salad followed by Australian ribeye and three courses for HK$148 including passionfruit cheesecake.

There’s also Club 55, serving up different drinks every day such as Martini Monday, Wine Wednesday and Prosecco Friday and best of all there’s free aperitivo and antipasti bar running every day from 5-8pm.

tivo, 43 Wyndham Street, Central; 2116 8055

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