Cinsault tipped as ‘South Africa’s Malbec’

23rd September, 2016 by Lauren Eads

The growing revival of old vine Cinsault in South Africa, once the country’s most planted variety, has seen one commentator predict that it could become the South African equivalent of Argentine Malbec.

Boutinot winemaker Marinda Kruger-Van Eck at the Intrepid tasting in London

During the 1970s Cinsault was the most planted grape variety in South Africa, however it was almost exclusively used in dry red blends. It was never championed as a single varietal.

“Because of its big berries you can struggle with colour and people used to think the darker the wine the better the quality”, explains Boutinot winemaker Marinda Kruger-Van Eck speaking to the drinks business at the recent Wine of South Africa’s Intrepid tasting in London.

“They would punch it down a lot with lots….

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