Top 12 non-Italian Nebbiolos

4. Henschke The Rose Grower, Eden Valley, Australia

Something of a departure for the Hill of Grace producer, the Rose Grower Nebbiolo is a light, low-extraction style of Neb made from Nebbiolo grapes from a single vineyard in the Eden Valley, along with small proportion of Barbera. It has just been made available through UK distributor Enotria.

The wine is made from Nebbiolo vines planted by the Henschke family in the Eden Valley in the early 2000s. The first vintage was produced in 2010, when the proportion of Barbera was 8%. This had been reduced as the Nebbiolo vines had matured, winemaker Johann Henschke said.

The fruit for the wine was destemmed, with hand-plunging and gentle extraction producing a pale-coloured, elegant style of wine. The 12.5% ABV wine was aged for 12 months in used oak barrels and a further year in bottle before release.

Henschke explained that the Rose Grower was a wine informed by the winemaking experience he has gained in Italy from working with Chianti Classico pioneer Paolo De Marchi, who owns the Sperino estate in northern Piedmont.

The aim with this wine is not to imitate the often high-tannin, high-extraction Nebbiolos often associated with Piedmont, but to produce a more elegant and approachable style.

3 Responses to “Top 12 non-Italian Nebbiolos”

  1. Can’t believe you missed L.A Cetto Private Reserve Nebbiolo from Baja California, Mexico. One of the first new world nebbiolos and in our view one of the best. Authentic and delicious.

  2. Leonardo Ricardez says:

    Agree with the LA Cetto comment. Additionaly it is very affordable, and has a big following in Mexico.

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