Top 10 ways to wind up a wine lover

From waiters overfilling your wine glass to restaurant mark-ups and poor pronunciation, we round-up the most irritating habits guaranteed to tick-off a wine lover.

1412626133000-SIDEWAYS-7686567Despite the¬†old¬†stereotype of a “wine snob”, wine enthusiasts are, on the whole, a pretty easy-going collective. However there are some things that will rile up even the most laid back oenophile.

Beware, the following habits are entirely capable of causing a wine lover a certain amount of internalised rage,

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3 Responses to “Top 10 ways to wind up a wine lover”

  1. Philip Clark says:

    Restaurants that bring a bottle of wine to the table already opened. I don’t remember this being a problem during the years I worked in London. However, since I retired to the South West, it seems to be widespread. While in many cases it is no doubt the result of ignorance, there is the obvious potential for fraud. Whenever I have raised this issue with one particular restaurant, I am assured that it is good practice, and nothing I say makes any difference,

  2. s. l. cummings says:

    Don’t forget Irritated, when temperatures are listed in Celsius but living in a Fahrenheit environment . . . (chuckle)

  3. Tom Stevenson says:

    Kitchen W8 offers free corkage on Sunday nights … any other Michelin-starred restaurant match that?

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