The world’s 10 best beers according to enthusiasts

Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter Börb’n å Hallon (Närke Kulturbryggeri)

6-nrke-kaggen-stormaktsporter-brbn--hallon-nrke-kulturbryggeriAn interesting entry from Sweden that represents a special brew for Närke Kulturbryggeri as it marks their anniversary. Brewed with raspberries in aged oak barrels, the flavour comes out with more noted of chocolate, coffee, dark berries and bourbon without being overbearing.

2 Responses to “The world’s 10 best beers according to enthusiasts”

  1. declan88 says:

    Peach, vanilla, chocolate, caramel? What the hells going on here.

    You,d wonder whether its possible to buy proper beers any more.

    This craft caper is losing the normal beer drinkers who go to the pub after work for a refreshing drink, not to take alcoholic trifles, manufactured for children,s palettes sold on the back of marketing misfires.

    Riddles, Banks and the old Bass before interwhatsit took them over represent nice refreshing, non lollipop beers.

  2. declan88 says:

    Ruddles I mean. Pred text misfire. Maybe that’s happening with craft beer market. Strong hop tang is getting misconverted to over sweet, sickly ditchwater? Just a thought.

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