Top 10 wine brands 2016

26th July, 2016 by Lucy Shaw

While interest in wine among younger consumers appears to be at an all-time high, and brands are being forced to wake up to the importance of engaging with the next generation of drinkers who will ultimately go on to shape the market, consumption in countries with a rich wine tradition like Italy, France and Germany is in decline and forecast to fall further over the next four years.


While Italy overtook France to become the world’s largest wine producer last year, at the same time domestic consumption fell to an all-time low. It’s a very different story in the US, which retained its crown last year as the world’s largest consumer of wine, with consumption slated to rise a further 2% between now and 2019 to 4.2 billion bottles per year.

Interestingly, millennial consumers are driving this growth, despite being increasingly lured to other drinks categories like craft beer and Bourbon, which seem more adept at speaking their language. Encouragingly, wine lovers in the US are adopting a ‘less is better’ philosophy, with sales of wine over $10 a bottle on the rise.

But while Americans may be forking out more on wine in general, boxed….

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  1. To Olivia Moser:


    I live in Santa Rosa and my Mother’s Maiden name is Moser, my husband works for Purple Wine Co. and read this release. Some of the Moser family did settle in Sonoma County, just curious if you know much about the Moser family. John Moser was my grandmother’s 2nd husband.If you think we might be related please contact me at my e-mail.

    Thank you and sorry to bother you-

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