16 German winemakers to watch

11th July, 2016 by Darren Smith

Young winemakers celebrate 10 years of Generation Riesling at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt this month (Photo: Generation Riesling)Last month at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, the German Wine Institute invited press to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Generation Riesling.

Starting in 2006 with 25 members, this group has grown in stature and number over the past decade, now counting 530-strong.

Not only has it proved to be a wellspring of winemaking talent, it is also arguably German wine’s most powerful marketing tool, instilling a sense of cohesion and dynamism in the industry while overturning the medium-sweet clichés of old.

Such groups are thriving throughout Germany – and not all of them are focused on Riesling.
In Rheinhessen, the group Message in a Bottle was founded in 2002 by about 20 members, including Klaus-Peter Keller, Phillip Wittmann, Daniel Wagner or Caroline Gillot, and helped to change the image of the entire region.

In Württemberg in the same year, five winemakers – Hans Hengerer, Jürgen Zipf, Sven Ellwanger, Rainer Wachtstetter and Jochen Beurer – founded the group Junges Schwaben and as a result have gone on to enjoy real success and no little influence.

There is also the

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7 Responses to “16 German winemakers to watch”

  1. Dear Darren, “16 German winemakers to watch” – and None of them from Franconia. What about the famous Franconian VDP-vintners, who produce wonderful Riesling (and in fact, not less wonderful Silvaner? Please, I’m waiting for the next article: “16 German winemakers to buy”.

  2. Frank Schulz says:

    Thanks for sharing your findings, Darren! It’s fun to work with http://www.generation-riesling.de (.com). More background information regarding “Positive Marketing from Wines of Germany” http://www.forbes.com/sites/thomaspellechia/2016/06/28/positive-marketing-from-the-other-dwi-deutsches-weininstitut-wines-of-germany/#78b8eb723571

  3. Leigh W Dryden says:

    Not only Franken but Rheinhessen as well as notable young Franken wine makers like Andi Weigand and Rhiehessen rising starts like Lisa Bunn and Juliane Eller have all been missed nbnot to mention a whole rnage of new wine guns in Baden, there are a whole lot more than just 15 qwe should be watching as this is a generational up swing for German wines and wine making.

  4. Leigh W Dryden says:

    My apologies as both Lisa and Juliane are here which is great to see, missed these when scrolling through the insight- great to see as these two are personal favourites and we are about to launch both of their wines in Australia in September so I will keep you posted to see how we go with presneting this new and exciting face of German wine. Cheers Leigh

  5. Monsier Loup says:

    Hi Darren,
    Great Selection of fantastic very motivated young winemakers. I like the fact that most of them learned their craft from iconic KP Keller. His winery and his dinners are for sure a good place to be as a young winemaker to experience great wine and not only Reisling!
    Good Luck to everybody of them and hope to see a few more of them at Londons Indepedents!

  6. Pfalzwein says:

    really nice selection indeed. Good to see so much talent preparing the German Wine Industry for an international future.

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