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Four tips to help publicans fill their beer gardens this summer

Summer is short-lived in the UK and is often met with bouts of unseasonal rain which is why the public try to make the most of the sunny weather while it is here.

This can mean that venues with gardens or outside seating experience a high volume of customers during the hottest days of the year, but with so many venues competing for the same customers, such as rooftop bars and hipster cafes, how can publicans ensure that their beer gardens are full this summer?

Rob Straathof, CEO at Liberis, gives us his four tips to help publicans stand out this summer and fill their beer gardens:

Rufus T FireflyWin at Social

The way people engage with brands has changed dramatically over the last decade. Social media has replaced customer helplines as people turn to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to contact and connect with companies. It is important then that brands accept and embrace this change, joining the customers on social media and taking the conversation to them.

Social media is a fantastic tool for publicans to use to update their existing audience on recent news such as the re-opening of the beer garden for the summer: but, it can be used to do more than simply communicate with customers, it can be used to draw them in.

Competitions are a great tool to attract new business, allowing potential customers to find and engage with the brand in an exciting way, and with social media it is easier than ever to reach the masses.

An example of a competition that would inspire urgency would be to offer the prize of a free drink to the first ten people to take a selfie in your beer garden and tagging the pub’s page in the post. You could also create a unique hashtag that entrants will need to include in their post to enter, you can then use this to track entrants. This type of competition would have an immediate affect and would have people sharing pictures on their own social accounts, tagging the pub and widening the reach.

To gain some initial traction you may consider sponsoring the posts for the local area, this will allow people beyond your intermediate network of fans to see your post and join in with the competition.

Although a fantastic business tool, competitions should be used sparingly as they can appear too salesy when used in excess. Meaning you shouldn’t run one every day.

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