Argentina in pictures

3rd June, 2016 by Lauren Eads


Last month db’s Lauren Eads jetted off to Argentina with Wines of Argentina to get under the skin of this new world winemaking powerhouse. Travelling first to Buenos Aires, then to the northern province of Salta and south to the country’s winemaking capital of Mendoza, db discovered purity, passion and an increasing priority for provenance among the country’s winemakers.

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3 Responses to “Argentina in pictures”

  1. Kent Benson says:

    Shouldn’t it be either “single-variety” or “varietal” wines, as “single varietal” wines is redundant?

  2. Kent Benson says:

    For my previous comment, see slide number 5.

  3. Kent Benson says:

    Slide 16 – the word varietal is an adjective, not a noun. Therefore, “varieties” are listed on labels, not “varietals.”

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