Top 10 Scotch whisky markets by value


Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan

2015: £182m

2014: £197m

Change: -8%

Taiwan is the second biggest Asian market by value for Scotch whisky, making it a prime target for future growth. Exemplifying this confidence, last year Bacardi and Ever Rich launched a Dewar’s Fine Whisky Emporium at Taoyuan airport in Taipei. The first Dewar’s Emporium in Asia, the outlet’s design recreates the original Dewar’s wine and spirits store with vintage-style wooden display cabinets and flooring and two backlit windows projecting Dewar’s distillery in Aberfeldy.

Bacardi sees Taiwan as a strong potential for growth due to its relatively wealthy consumer market, which it said are particularly interested in rare and aged malts and blends.

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