Top 10 volcanic wines

10 – Calabretta 2005 Nerello Mascalese VV, Etna, Sicily

Andrea Scovero Barbera d’Asti ‘Ciapin’ 2012

No volcanic wine list would be complete without an entry from Etna, and this is Etna red at its finest.

Massimiliano Calabretta is unusual in that he ages his wines for an extended time before release. This old-vine Nerello Mascalese has been matured for 10 years, alternately in oak and steel.

A great alternative to high-end, mature Burgundy or Barolo. Rich, complex fruit, some tertiary flavours, luxurious weight and texture, but still with good acidity and tannic grip.


4 Responses to “Top 10 volcanic wines”

  1. Nick Oakley says:

    Etna, Santorini, Tenerife, Pantellaria. I get these. But Alsace? Volcanic?

    • Olivier Humbrecht says:

      There were two types of volcanic activity in the region: submarine in south Alsace, before the emergence of the VOsges mountains above sea level, and more recently in the Kaiserstuhl in Germany. The ashes and vocanic dusts sedimented in the sea and got compacted as the Vosges were pushed out of the sea in a rock called Grauwacke.

  2. Luigi says:

    I cannot believe that any wines from the Campania region was not featured! Greco Di Tufo, Lacryma Christi to name but 2.

  3. See the wonder book by John Szabo MW call Volcanic Wines, recently available online too. Beside the well known regions, some lovely pockets of volcanic terroir to discover.

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