Brewdog to star in BBC documentary

Controversial craft beer producer Brewdog will feature in a new BBC documentary that will see its staff tasked with hiring their own boss.

The BrewDog logo

Brewdog is one of three companies taking part in the new series (Photo: Brewdog)

Who’s The Boss? will see employees at the Scotland-based beer maker choosing a new regional manager, taking the decision out of the hands of bosses Martin Dickie and James Watt.

The candidates will think they’re taking part in an immersive week-long job interview, but will instead be watched from behind the scenes by employees.

At the end, workers vote on who gets the job.

The 60-minute show airing in the Spring will be the final of a three-part series which will also feature fruit and veg supplier Reynolds, and Beech’s, the chocolate manufacturer based in Preston.

As much as 80% of employee turnover being is down to poor recruitment decisions, the BBC says, as it hopes to show the effectiveness of the controversial hiring process in the new show.

Commissioning editor Rachel Ashdown says: “Who’s The Boss? is a revealing insight into how three very different companies deal with an innovative form of recruitment and what happens when the power shifts in the workplace.”

2 Responses to “Brewdog to star in BBC documentary”

  1. Carol says:

    What a complete control freak James is couldn’t give a toss about his workforce his way or no way!!!

  2. A M Toye says:

    Except in this occasion owner, James Watt, decided he knew best and hijacked the whole process coming across as passionate yes but churlish, a bit of an autocrat, inflexible and def not a team player. He let his staff down as well as the candidates …and ultimately BrewDog.

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