The fight for Fiorano

19th January, 2016 by Roger Morris

Alessia Antinori and Alessandrojacopo Boncompagni Ludovisi are battling over the legacy for one of Italy’s most legendary wine estates. Roger Morris delves into this ‘he said, she said’ controversy.

'Her' Fattoria di Fiorano winery (Photo: Fattoria di Fiorano)

‘Her’ Fattoria di Fiorano winery (Photo: Fattoria di Fiorano)

Who owns the legacy of Fiorano, one of Italy’s most-legendary wineries?

If its terroir that is important, then two distant cousins – Alessia Antinori and Alessandrojacopo Ludovisi – each inherited half of this old wine estate, located in southeastern Rome between the Ciampino airport and the town of Fioranello, upon the death in 2005 of estate owner and retired winegrower, Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi.

Beyond that, there is only controversy.

She owns the only existing plot of Fiorano old-vine grapes. He has the original Fiorano wine cellars.

She has direct lineage to the Master. He had a day-to-day relationship with the Master in his last years.

She is the 26th generation of one of the most-respected names in world wine-making, “Antinori.” He appears to have strong legal rights to the name “Fiorano.”

Her winery is named “Fattorio di Fiorano.” His winery is named “Tenuta di Fiorano.”

She says the two can work together. He asks, “why should….

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