Debrett’s guide to proper pub etiquette

From bar blocking to misjudging the requirements of a round, the British pub can be a minefield of social faux pas for the uninformed.


Luckily, Debrett’s – a “trusted source on British social skills, etiquette and style” – has released a handy guide, offering its insights on the proper manner with which to conduct oneself in the pub in an effort to stamp out un-British behaviour in so called “polite pubs”.

Raucous games of darts, for example, should not be entered into if there are other patrons reading newspapers, while using a coaster will earn you brownie points with bartenders.

Talking with your bartender about the weather is advised, however one should avoid becoming a “beer bully”, or worse, a beer bore, at all costs.

The guide, published by Debrett’s, was commissioned by AB InBev, and provides a fascinating insight into British pub politics.

Click through to see if your pub performance meets Debrett’s standards…

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