The Douro’s top 10 Single Quintas

Vintage Ports may be the highest expression of Port but they would be nothing without their constituent single quinta parts. Here we list ten of the most famous.

Portugal's Douro Valley (Photo credit: Wines of Portugal)

Portugal’s Douro Valley (Photo credit: Wines of Portugal)

With the exception of Noval, Vesuvio and de la Rosa which are rare standalone vineyards that are always made as single quintas, the following examples are the stand-out stars that form the backbone and much of the character of their parent lodge’s declared vintages.

For more on single quinta Ports see the latest issue of the drinks business.

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3 Responses to “The Douro’s top 10 Single Quintas”

  1. Unfortunately, that list demonstrates the problem producers in the Douro are up against — you (the drinks business) don’t know if you’re referring to Porto or to table wine! You only list ONE independent single quinta (Qta. de la Rosa), and the picture is of their table wine. The other nine quintas are all owned by major shippers (Noval being both — note that only the label on the Vintage Porto reads “QUINTA do Noval”; the Tawnies are simply “Noval” ), and the accompanying photos are of Vintage Porto. Where are the truly independent single quintas producing both table wine and Porto, such as Quinta do Crasto, Quinta do Vallado, Quinta do Vale D. Maria, etc, etc., etc.???

  2. I presume that you set up this screen show to increase the traffic on your site and that the Symingtons prepared this for you accordingly. It is of very little of use to anyone trying to learn about Port quintas.

  3. jp says:

    so ennoyed to see again all the big one. Where is quinta da gaivosa for exemple. Never mind

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