Britain’s top 10 most haunted pubs

30th October, 2015 by Lucy Shaw

From tales of phantom footsteps to sightings of spooky spectres, Brits love a good ghost story. And with our wealth of ancient inns and cobwebbed taverns, we’re spoilt for choice for haunted haunts.

Though a clutch have marked themselves out as some of the spookiest spots in the UK for paranormal activity, with a number in our list having appeared in the popular TV show Most Haunted. From the ghost of a young soldier beaten to death after cheating at a game of cards, to the lingering figure of a woman murdered by her soldier husband when found in flagrante with her lover, our chosen ten are havens for things that go bump in the night.

Legendary highwayman Dick Turpin even….

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6 Responses to “Britain’s top 10 most haunted pubs”

  1. marinel says:

    Shivers down my spine!!

  2. Mick Sherman says:

    I slept at the Devil’s Stone Inn – like a log. Haunting stories are a load of rubbish.

  3. Sue says:

    Sweeney Todd is a fictional character

  4. I caught Florrie the ghost from Avebury

  5. Shes showing an archway of stone in that link which no archway exists there so it looks like it’s the stone well shape she was thrown down
    the original video is called Avebury Activites and we also have her on EVP.
    it should be the number 1 spot we got the clip clops and other Ghosts

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