Bordeaux 2005: Biggest movers

Expectation surrounding the 2005s is building and pushing up prices for top estates – Liv-ex has the biggest movers so far.

corkswhite1Since Robert Parker rated the 2005 Mouton 99+/100 last December and following his admission that he under-scored the vintage in 2008, prices for the undoubtedly great vintage have been creeping upwards.

Back in January we covered the top risers among the 2005s over the previous six months.

Back then second wines such as Pavillon Rouge and Bahans de Haut-Brion and classed growths such as Beychevelle were on the list.

Now though, with the scores imminent, Liv-ex has noted they have largely been superseded by estates and wines with heftier price tags as buyers jockey for ownership of wines that – just maybe – can expect a significant upgrade.

Palmer is the most recent wine of the vintage to be feeling the “ripple effect” that Mouton score helped create, up 25% in price from November 2014 to May 2015.

This list charts the mid-price movement of cases from November last year to May of this year. Prices are “mid-price” ie the middle price between the highest live bid and lowest live offer on the Liv-ex market place.

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