Top 10 wines in the UK press

Lustau Brandy Solera Reserva, Jerez, Spain

5360110-1_1Easter is over and you may well be back at work, so soften the blow by making the best of these top wine selections. Writing in The Guardian, David Williams recommended this brandy de Jerez for serving alongside desserts, namely the Spanish classic, chocolate con churros.

“I can’t think of a wine from Spain – or anywhere else for that matter – that would add anything much to that café terrace classic, chocolate con churros. A deep, dark, treacly PX sherry might be sweet and thick enough to blend in a kind of fruit-and-nut edge to the chocolate, but ultimately it would be better off on its own; anything else would simply get overwhelmed. A brandy from the home of Sherry, Jerez, is another matter, though, bringing a boozy, invigorating and mouth-cleansing kick to the end-of-meal indulgence. Generally somewhat darker and more robust than Cognac, brandy de Jerez tends to be more about intensity than finesse, perhaps, but Lustau’s lustrous Solera Gran Reserva, which spends ten years ageing in old sherry casks, has a glorious complexity of sweet nutty and figgy flavours and silky softness.”

Price from: £27.50, Harvey Nichols; Berry Bros and Co

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