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Fabien Duboueix, Joël RobuchoAt the bright young age of 15, Fabien Duboueix pursued a passionate career in wine and hospitality, taking him to Europe, the United Kingdom, and now Singapore. He has always enjoyed wine for as long as he remembers: “When I was born, my father bought 400 bottles of Bordeaux from my birth year.

As a kid, I remember my father constantly requesting my permission to open a bottle but I would decline, as I wanted to keep it. Now I have about 60 bottles left.” Perhaps it is his father’s encouragement in wine that motivated Duboueix. His professional training began in 2001 in a series of F&B positions in restaurants around the world, including the Michelin- starred Lucknam Park in Colerne, England, and the Michelin-starred El Castell de Ciutat in Seo D’urgell, Spain.

“Everything about wine is amazing. The history, the geology, the people behind it; pairing it with food… having dinner without wine is unthinkable,” he says. Having achieved his Certified Sommelier certification (CMS) in 2011, Duboueix had a short stint as head sommelier at Saint Pierre Restaurant before moving to Joël Robuchon in 2012, where he currently works.

Over the past two years, Duboueix has added Certified Spirit Specialist, Certified Sake Sommelier, and Advanced Sommelier to his list of accreditations. “Singapore’s wine industry is very challenging and competitive. We have to keep improving ourselves,” he says.

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