Top 10 vodka brands

In an ever-crowded and competitive market the world’s biggest vodka brands have had to up their game in recent years to keep ahead of the pack.


For many, that has meant expanding their flavoured vodka portfolio. The category has has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years with many producers investing in yet further flavour expressions in 2014. While only time will tell if flavoured-variations can sustain demand, what is clear is that vodka is no longer a bland spirit added as a neutral spirit to cocktails and mixers. Brands are increasingly taking flavour more seriously, and while the trend is perhaps more pointed in the craft vodka category, sipping vodka is becoming an increasingly realistic proposition.

Of the world’s top 10 vodka brands, only four achieved global volume growth in 2014 with three of the world’s biggest brands seeing their volumes slide. Constellation’s Swedish vodka Svedka saw its volumes boosted by an impressive 6.4%. However it was Polish vodka Zubrowka which stole the show, increasing its volumes by a whopping 30% in 2014.

Click through for the world’s biggest vodka brands by global volume sales in 2014…

(All figures are based on millions of 9 litre cases sold globally)

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