Top drinks for ‘Beer Bowl’ 2015

Seattle Seahawks

NFL: New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson takes off – Photo credit: Joe Nicholson

Coach: Pete Carroll
Quarterback: Russell Wilson
Key players: Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Luke Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor

The reigning champs with the most fearsome defence in the entire league, the “Legion of Boom”, Seattle is an up-and-coming franchise with a point to prove having won its first Super Bowl last year.

The Seahawks began their season strongly, crushing another firm NFC favourite the Green Bay Packers in the first game.

After that they seemed to struggle even losing at home for just the second time in two years to a resurgent Dallas Cowboys team no less.

But, as a few key players came back from injury, the rest of the season became a crescendo as the team rounded into winning form.

They capped off a 12-4 win/loss season with a six game winning streak which saw them win their division and secure the number one seed in the NFC for the second straight year – ensuring home-field advantage for their playoff games.

They then saw off the Carolina Panthers in the divisional round and, against all odds, beat the Green Bay Packers for the second time, overcoming what had been a 16-0 deficit at one point to win 28-22 in overtime, winning the NFC championship and their place in the Super Bowl.

Seattle are reliant on their defense to no small extent but they also possess a powerful run game with Marshawn Lynch one of the game’s leading running backs and Russell Wilson a mobile quarterback who can keep plays alive with his legs and is extremely hard to tackle.

The Seahawks are the “home” team this time out and the bookies’ favourite to win in fact.

They’re renowned as being a young, confident and laid-back team and showed against the Packers they can rally to win from behind and last year easily beat the great Peyton Manning.

But with the weight of expectation on them and up against another legend in Tom Brady, how will they fare this time around?


140129_12_man_beer_lgWashington is one of the craft beer capitals of the US, “Beervana” some call it, and one of the first “brewpubs” in the US opened in Seattle in 1982.

Top local producers include Pyramid Brewery which is located just a block away from the Seahawks’ home stadium, CenturyLink Field.

Even more suitable but probably only available to anyone in Seattle is a new beer brewed especially for fans by Hilliards called (wait for it), “The 12th Can“.

There is also, confusingly, a “12th Man” pale ale made by Dick’s Brewing Company in partnership with former Seahawks kicker Norm Johnson.

The beer went on sale a few years ago and is widely available around the Puget Sound area.

Other notable Washington breweries to consider are: Redhook, Pike, Hale’s Ales, Big Al, Elysian and Georgetown.

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