10 of the world’s oldest pubs

While the world’s oldest bar might be a hotly contended title, not least among landlords, there is no doubt that this collection of watering holes have stood the test of time.


From ancient inns, caves and ghostly goings-ons, some of these pubs have been serving up pints to weary travellers for as long 1,000 years against a backdrop of countless civil wars, The Crusades, witch trials and royalty.

Some boldly lay claim to being the world’s oldest, however each one undoubtedly has a history deserving of a place in the top 10. If the cool refreshment wasn’t enough to entice you into these pubs, the history held within their time-worn walls should be enough to make a trip worthwhile.

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  1. Bridget Stott says:

    And perhaps add The Porch House at Stow-on-the-Wold dating from 947AD. porch-house.co.uk

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