World’s weirdest alcoholic drinks

Rose petal wine


Credit: Pixabay

Commissioned by the Royal National Rose Society, Britain’s Lurgashall Winery, which incidentally also makes a Birch sap wine, produces a rather lovely pink-hued wine infused with handpicked rose petals. Described as an “intensely aromatic rosé”, this medium-dry wine is said to be reminiscent of Turkish Delight. The winery recommends drinking it on its own or mixing with Cava, or perhaps even Champagne.

3 Responses to “World’s weirdest alcoholic drinks”

  1. ooakototwo says:

    you forgot about Korea’s Human Poop infused Soju. Seriously.

  2. Dawn Stewart aka @ladydawnie says:

    Oddly enough I would try this one. I love Turkish Delight and my favourite tipple is prosecco, I think that would work. Oh and I bet it looks very feminine *not sexest* 😆

  3. Andreas Olsson says:

    The company in Sweden whom makes the Sav™Sparkling is
    They also export.

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