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Top 10 weird ways to open a bottle

You have a bottle of wine / beer / bubbly. You are without anything that one might consider a vaguely useful opening tool. What do you do?

With our helpful collection of irreverent ways to get rid of that tricky closure standing between you and your drink of choice, you’ll never again be left wanting.

So go ahead and scroll through our top 10 weird ways to open a bottle…

A toothbrush

This method really involves doing the opposite of what you’re supposed to do, i.e you are putting the cork into the wine rather than removing it.

With a toothbrush and a bit of elbow grease, you too can enjoy the corky, ‘aeromantic’ wine of your choice wherever you are.

A file and a hammer

A perfect little trick if you happen to be without a corkscrew but with a well-stocked workshop.

This isn’t necessarily for the dinner party table, but it’s good for any other time wine is in haste requirement and you don’t mind the risk of shards of glass floating in your tipple.

A Bunsen burner, hot tongs, cold water and bravery

This technique is for the real connoisseur / show-off / pyromaniac.

Our helpful host in this video gives us the history behind the method and why it was useful in the first days of cork-bottled wine.

This therefore makes it all the clearer how completely unnecessary – and therefore how incredibly cool – it is to use the flaming tong method of opening a bottle.

A wedding ring and even more bravery

With a nonchalant swagger that defies the fear that would overcome most other married people, our host in this video shows how with the twist of a wrist you can enjoy your favourite bottled beer.

That is, if you don’t tell your spouse about your carefree use of your wedding ring.

A wooden spoon

This regular chap with a penchant for preserving beer caps shows us how to open a beer with the most unglamorous tool imaginable: a wooden spoon.

It’s for that reason that we love him.

A forearm and a high pain threshold

Opening a beer with a forearm is surely the last resort…

Why did he ignore the towel, the crazy pain-tolerating fool!?

A chainsaw

Farewell to subtly and cheerio to inconspicuousness.

Grab a chainsaw, rev it up, and get opening your beer on an industrial scale.

Air. Just air

It is technically open…

A big saber

This is sure to impress everyone – especially the informative history and science lecture that you must give to everyone beforehand.

Just grab your trusty saber and get slicing!

A little saber (i.e a spoon)

What’s that? You don’t have a saber! Are you mad?!

Well, thankfully you’re in luck, you poor, poor person. You can spoon yourself some Champagne instead.

Except, of course, if you don’t have a saber there’s no way that you would have Champagne. Poor thing.

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