The flagship wine grapes of the future

Kydonitsa and Mavrotragano



Delving yet deeper into the world of obscure native grapes, Vouillamoz moved to Greece, which he described as “a fantastic playground” for selecting flagship varieties of tomorrow.

Among the many choices, he picked firstly Kydonitsa, a white grape from the Peloponnese which takes its name from the diminutive of quince. Indeed, the wine is said to taste of this fruit, and can be concentrated as well as fresh.

Then he opted for red grape Mavrotragano which he stated has “great potential”. The variety is native to Santoríni, where it produces wines with cherry fruit, spice and freshness on the island’s volcanic soils.

One Response to “The flagship wine grapes of the future”

  1. John Cifelli says:

    Great article. It’s exciting to think that there are many lifetimes of exploration and development in the ever expanding wine world. One item to add- Counoise is being grown at Unionville Vineyards in New Jersey as well with great success. Rhone varieties, along with some Austrian varieties (perhaps the flagship varieties of the future in the past) have a home in NJ.
    -John Cifelli, Executive Director, Garden State Wine Growers Association

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