Top 10 fine dining beers

Samuel Adams Utopias

Samuel Adams UtopianSamuel Adam’s Utopias is brewed by the Boston brewing Company in Massachusetts and is America’s most expensive beer priced at £143 a bottle.

First released in 2002, Utopias is made with caramel, Vienna, Moravian and Bavarian smoked malts, and four varieties of noble hops; Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Tettnanger, Spalter, and Saaz hops. Each batch, released every two years, is aged in Scotch, Cognac and port barrels for up to 18 months. A limited number of bottles are released every two years, sold in a ceramic bottle resembling a copper-finished brewing kettle. At 28% abv, it is banned in 11 US states.

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  1. Weston says:

    and yet not one West Coast style IPA which is perfect big full flavour greasy english pub food

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