12 winemakers to watch in Champagne

Julie Cavil (40)

The daughter of a doctor, Julie Cavil wasn’t destined to be a winemaker, kicking off her professional career as director of customer relations for an advertising agency in Paris. Having met her husband at work, desirous of a change of scene, the pair packed their bags for Champagne in 2001.

Keen to learn the craft, Cavil studied winemaking at the University of Reims during which time she completed harvests at Moët & Chandon. Joining Champagne house Krug in 2006 as a winemaker and a member of the tasting committee, Cavil looks after Krug’s cherished single vineyard, Clos du Mesnil, during the harvest. “I bring passion and devotion to my role. This is a second career for me, which I sought out, so I love it with all my heart,” Cavil says.

She continues: “I want to continue cultivating Krug’s unique signature while at the same time maintaining the house’s position as both an aspirational ideal and a pioneer in the region through continued technological innovation.” Cavil is valued for her creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

She says, “Krug’s vision and principles reflect my own personal outlook on life. It’s very easy to arrive somewhere and shake up the status quo by making up your own rules and enforcing a load of changes. It’s much harder to take the time to understand someone’s vision in order to successfully integrate it into what you do. The winemaking team at Krug tackles this challenge every year through the recreation of Krug Grande Cuvée.”

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  1. Stan Brody says:

    While no doubt each of these talented wine makers, merit some mention, I note with interest, even perhaps some disappointment, that this article follows the “Wine Spectator philosophy”… the great the bucks spent on advertizing… the great the ratings… a smatttering of credit to the contribution to Champagne of the winemaking abilities of the very sensational small grower producers would have been appreciated.

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