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Top 10 cheapest pints in the world

10. Vietnam – £0.44

With the average price of a UK pint an eye watering £3, and even more in the capital, beer lovers might want to think about making tracks to one of these beer friendly havens where you can pick up a pint for less than a pack of gum.

In at number 10 is Vietnam where, according to figures produced by, a pint will set you back just 44p.

It’s native Hue Beer, Bia Huế in Vietnamese, is a lager produced and bottled in Huế, Vietnam, by the Hue Brewery. The company was first established in 1990 and is partly owned by Carlsberg.

9. Democratic Republic of Congo – £0.44

In joint tenth place is the Democratic of Congo where the average cost of a pint is also just 44p.

Ngok is only available in the Congo brewed by the Brasserie du Congo which is owned by Heineken.


8. Rwanda – £0.39

In Rwanda, where you can enjoy a pint for just 39p, a favourite among beer drinkers is the locally brewed Mützig.

Brewed by the Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda in Bralirwa, the 5.5% beer is widely available across Africa.



7. North Korea – £0.38

In North Korea the cost of a pint is just 38p.

Here the Taedonggang beer reigns supreme brewed at the Taedonggang brewery in Pynongyang, North Korea.

Curious beer lovers may want to explore the North Korean beer tour being offered by a US travel agent.


6. Madagascar – £0.38

Sixth on our countdown is the island of Madagascar where the cost of a pint is also just 38p.

Three Horses Beer is known as the island’s national beer, otherwise known as THB, a pale lager brewed by the Star Brewery of Madagascar. 



5. Myanmar – £0.38

Joining Madagascar and North Korea at the 39p mark is Myanmar.

One of its most popular beers is Andaman Gold, a pale lager brewed by the Myanmar Brewery and Distillery.

4. Panama – £0.38

One of Panama’s most popular beers is Atlas, also known as Panama, brewed by the Cerveceria Nacional Panama.

The 3.8% per cent pale lager is known as the country’s “leading beer”.

3. Burundi – £0.37

Coming in at number three is the little known country of Burundi in west Africa.

Primus Biere is one of its most popular homegrown beers, brewed by the Heineken-owned Brarudi brewery.


2. Bhutan – £0.36

In second place is the Kingdom of Bhutan where a pint will set you back just 36 English pence.

Dwellers of this land locked south Asian country prefer the strong stuff with the Druk 1100 Strong particularly popular.

The 8% strength malt liquor is brewed at the Bhutan Brewery in Pasakha.




1. Tajikistan – £0.30

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And finally the number one spot goes to Tajikistan.

Nestled on the borders of Afghanistan and China, here you can enjoy a pint for just 30p – which in the UK wouldn’t even buy you a packet of crisps.

Here a popular beer of choice is the Sim-Sim Pivo, a pale lager brewed at the Pizavod Dushanbe brewery.


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