Top 10 influential wine consultants

10. Sam Harrop MW

Sam Harrop MWSam HarropClients: Tagus Creek, Bodegas Fontana, Te Motu

Not many consultants can claim to have done so much to change the face of an entire region, but in his work for former client InterLoire – first with Cabernet Franc and now Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealander Sam Harrop has helped to implement a wholesale modernisation of Loire wines.

His ability to combine winemaking expertise with a strong eye for what makes markets tick is also evident in the commercial success of Portuguese brand Tagus Creek. Explaining his strengths, Harrop notes: “Many winemaking teams don’t get to the market enough, they are starved of trends and information from the market. The problem is, many marketeers and sales people don’t speak or understand the technical language of the winemaker, so there is a breakdown in communication between the two disciplines within the organisation.” Positioning himself between these two poles, Harrop explains: “As a winemaker with a good commercial understanding of and presence in the market place I can help the winemakers create wines that not only have a reason for being, but suit the markets they are destined for and with any luck over-deliver as well.”

Harrop is also one of the most informed, authoritative voices in the emotive “natural” wine debate. Two years ago saw the publication of Authentic Wine, co-written with wine writer Jamie Goode, in which the pair explore a number of key issues surrounding this movement.

For those who argue that the modern-day phenomenon of the international winemaking consultant is leading to a standardisation of wine styles, Harrop offers a robust defence of his profession. Indeed, far from narrowing the world’s wine palette, Harrop argues that if anything the impact of winemaking consultants, aided by advances in technology, has helped a broader spectrum of wines to express a more distinct sense of place. “Before technology and consultants there were a lot of wines – both commercial and premium – that were faulty and as such a certain level of homogenisation existed,” he explains. Thanks in no small part to the efforts made by wine consultants, he concludes: “my observation over the last 15 years in the commercial and mid-priced market segment is that wine diversity has never been so impressive.”

Look out for new wines from a recently added client Te Motu in Waiheke Island, not to mention Harrop’s own private project from this region, which is due to debut next year.  Not content with wine, Harrop is also well known as a vocal champion of Sake.

10 Responses to “Top 10 influential wine consultants”

  1. Kevin Robinson says:

    Amazingly, you left out David Ramey who Robert Parker claimed as one of the best in our industry!

  2. Greg Gillooly says:

    I’ve always maintained that there are only two stories to tell in all of fine wine promotion: the ” hallowed ground” story and the “magic chef” story. Now the “magic chefs” come to the “hallowed ground” where ever it may be. What a wonderful world this is!

  3. Tom Payette says:

    So proud to see my mentor Mr. Boissenot and his son as the number one. You have his this spot on in ranking as best you could. Mr. Boissnot and his family are top notch and have taught me so very much. A Votre Sante !

  4. Andrew Healy says:

    Not a mention of Philippe Melka or Guy Anderson……

  5. Jamie Smith says:

    solid list and respect to wine consultants in shaping the wine supply chain and building wine brands!

  6. VinConnect says:

    Philippe Cambie and Philippe Melka would like to have a word with you…

  7. winedoggie says:

    You also left out Nick Goldschmidt. Over 30 years in the industry, consulting all over the world and makes some really amazing wines.

  8. sukumar das says:

    i like to set up a plant and seeking for consultancy

  9. Manjush Garg says:

    We are looking at setting up a wine import branding and sales platform and are on a look out for Wine Consultants and Tasters to guide us select some good wines from each wine producing region. Look forward to your inputs on this.

    • andrew says:

      HI Manjush,
      I represent a range of Australia and New Zealands largest and finest wine brands. Let me know how I can help you.

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