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Top 10 rules for a great night out

The good folk at Magners Irish Cider are all in favour of people having a good time and now the brand has revealed its exclusive research of the “science behind good times”.

In a study the brand asked 1,000 people from across the UK, aged 18-24 what is behind a great night out. With the results in Magners now believes the formula for a good night out falls in 10 simple rules.

In addition to the 10 rules social and psychology expert Emma Kenny believes that there are a few additional key factors, which can be taken from the Irish approach to sociability. Variation and spontaneity are most important when it comes to having a successful night out, and Emma recommends keeping social groups mixed for the best results.

“Alienating people within the group can be the biggest obstacle to a great get together, and so mixing single friends with couples, old friends with new friends, and men and women is the best way to ensure a really open and relaxed social atmosphere,” she said.

Take a look at this list of 10 rules for a great night out and let us know what you think. Has the research missed something? What’s your key to a good time? Leave comment below to let us know.

The top 10 rules for a good time

  1. Keep it mobile – 50 % of women and 47% of men won’t leave home without their mobile phone and in fact 16% of men would rather go out with their phone than their best mate.
  2. Take a seat – the UK loves a good sit down when enjoying a Magners, with more of us considering ample seating at a venue to be more important than music or a garden – that’s 37% of women and 24% of men.
  3. Take it outside – as an office-bound nation, 80% of us spend most of our time indoors. The average person needs at least 45 minutes per day outside with access to vitamin D to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having an outdoor space where you socialise is key to a positive social experience; whatever the weather.
  4. Take your time – 86% of women and shockingly 81% of men take up to two hours to get ready for the perfect night out.
  5. Pink pass – the majority of people Magners spoke to prefer to go out with their mates than their partners – over a quarter of both men and women.
  6. Head South – London was voted the most popular city for socialising with 32% of men and women voting for the capital. Manchester came in second, with Belfast the least popular city to get together in.
  7. Lucky number 7 – over a quarter of the UK believes that 7pm is the perfect time to go out.
  8. Bars for the boys – 44% of men would rather start their night at the pub rather than at home or a restaurant.
  9. Dining out – women prefer to begin the night at a restaurant, with 33% of the vote.
  10. Work it out – Londoners are more likely to socialise with work colleagues than friends.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what’s your key to a good night out.

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