Millennials changing face of wine industry

10th October, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

Millennials are drinking more wine than previous generations of young consumers, which is forcing the wine industry to rethink its marketing approach.

Millennials are fast developing a thirst for wine

According to Fox Business, interest in wine from the Millennial generation, also known as “Generation Y”, is leading US winemakers to change not only the types of wine that they are producing, but also their branding and marketing approach.

“Millennials are storming the wine market and they want adventure and demand more transparency from winemakers,” Rowan Gormley, CEO of Naked Wines, told Fox.

“Younger drinkers are picking wines based on the story behind it, how they found it and what unique blend or region it comes from,” he added.

The number of Naked Wines’ customers….

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