French government considers ‘repressive’ measures

A French wine lobby group, Vin & Société, is battling “repressive” proposed French laws to raise taxes on wine under the banner that the drink is dangerous.

V&S 20130182V&SFINALThe French government is said to be examining proposals to put further restrictions on alcohol advertising, which are already some of the toughest in Europe, including banning talk about wine on the internet and even speaking positively about wine in the media.

The group has said that a health bill, due to be drawn up later this year, will remove the message to drink in moderation from wine labels and simply state that alcohol is dangerous.

Audrey Bourolleau, CEO of Vin & Société, told Agence France Presse: “We are asking for these measures to be dropped and for the creation of an inter-ministerial body with the aim of establishing a real dialogue.”

She added that the proposals, “threaten the wine sector, which accounts for €7.8 billion in exports.”

The group has condemned what it calls “moralising” from the government which involves “reducing personal responsibility” among consumers.

Vin & Société has launched an online campaign to draw attention to the situation which can be viewed here (in French)

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