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Top 10 songs featuring Moscato

Moscato is enjoying a hip hop renaissance having featured in a number of rap songs and it has become a hugely popular drink in the US.

Lil’ Kim has sung about Moscato (Image: Twitter)

In 2011 sales in the US passed US$300 million and sales in Canada doubled.

The sweet wine has become a particularly popular drink among the 20-30 age group, which may also be down to its increased mentions in song lyrics.

Big rap stars Lil’ Kim and Drake have sung about Moscato, with the latter even trying his hand at a bit of food and wine matching, recommending Moscato with “lobster and shrimp”.

And last week outspoken rap star Nicki Minaj was announced as the new face and part owner of Moscato brand Myx Fusions.

We’ve trawled our urban memory banks (and the internet) and come up with a selection of song and lyrics that have featured the sweet wine.

Click through the following pages to see which Moscato songs we’ve picked out, but please note that some people may find some of the lyrics offensive.

There are other Moscato tunes out there, so leave a comment below if we missed one of your favourites.

Lil’ Kim – Lighters Up

Kim has been a part of the US hip hop scene since the mid 1990s, but this could be considered proof that the global economic downturn has hit all corners of society. Gone is the bling, the Cognac and the Champagne and instead we now have the sweet, cheap and fizzy wine Moscato.


Still over in Brazil sippin’ Moscato
You must’ve forgot though so I’m a take it back to the block yo
Put you on to how we rock yo.

Teairra Mari ft. Jay-Z & Kanye West “Make Her Feel Good” (Remix)

Although Jay-Z and Kanye West can legitimately be given the “superstar” title, the same can’t really be said of Teairra Mari, who features with the pair on this track. Recently Campari America said that the days of Jeroboams of Cognac and Champagne consumed in nightclubs by celebrity hip hop artists are coming to an end. That might be the case for a lot of stars, but no-one seems to have told Jay-Z.


We do whatever Hypno, Cris though,
I mean whatever Saracco Moscato it do taste better
I know what them girls like I know it ain’t easy
I know it ain’t every day you will run into Yeezy

Drake – Do it now

We’re now beginning to come to the end of the list of stars that you’ve heard of, but the “Moscato Movement”, as this push for the wine has been called, shows no signs of abating. Drake has sold over five million albums worldwide and cites Kanye West and Jay-Z as big influences, but with this tune it seems he was so influenced by trying Moscato with lobster and shrimp that he just had to write a song about it.


It’s a celebration Clap clap bravo
Lobster and shrimp And a glass of moscato
For the girl who’s a student
And her friend who’s a model
Finished the whole bottle…

Waka Flocka Flame ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash – No hands

OK, so it appears that Waka Flocka Flame is a big hit in the US underground scene and as such has given some extra impetus to the Moscato movement by featuring the drink in one of his/hers/the group’s hits. It’s fair to say that this is not one of the classiest lyrics ever written, but to be fair to Waka, there’s not really ambiguity there.


Girl the way you movin’ got me in a trance
DJ turn me up ladies this yo jam (Come on)
I’m a sip Moscato and you gon’ lose them pants

Ab-Soul Ft. Kendrick Lamar – Moscato

“When things get hard to swallow, we need a bottle of Moscato”. This lyric from Kendrick Lamar could be a key to why the wine has become such a big hit in the US. A number of reports say that because the drink does not pack the strong flavours of Cognac or Champagne and is therefore easier on a young palate, it has been a popular choice among younger celebs and hip hop stars. So nothing to do with not having any money then?


When things get hard to swallow
We need a bottle of moscato
Puts me in the mood for your lovin’
Ya love it

Roscoe Dash – Moscato

Fresh from his success of featuring on Waka Flocka Flame’s Moscato-featuring hit “No hands” Roscoe Dash steamed in with his own song that didn’t just feature Moscato, but was actually called Moscato. There’s no subtlety here, just a straight up track about me, you and this Moscato – “Girl you know you in trouble”.


We’ll go tomorrow It’s me, you & this Moscato ohoh-ohoh-ohoh-ohhhhh
Girl, you know that you in trouble ohoh-ohoh-ohoh-ohhhhh
It’s me, you & this Moscato ohoh-ohoh-ohoh-ohhhhh
Girl you such a trouble maker Welcome to detention
We both know just where it’s headed but no telling where its ending (NO!)
Let Me ease your mind ‘cuz im sensin’ there’s some tension (Woah)
Its just me, you, this Moscato.
The best type of intervention

DJ Drama – Oh My Lyrics

Having featured as a guest rapper on this track as well it is fair to say that Roscoe Dash is a fully fledged member of the Moscato Movement. This track was originally released in May 2011 by DJ Drama, with guest rap appearances by Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa and the Moscato man – Roscoe Dash. DJ Drama’s real name is Tyree Cinque Simmons, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?


Damn, girl I really wanna put it on you like a coaster
Love how you moving over there but I really want you closer
Let get drunk off this Moscato, do it like there’s no tomorrow
Wake up and if it’s up we’ll do it like there’s no tomorrow

Sinful D – Gentlemen’s Song

So, this is called the Gentlemen’s Song, but if you indulge yourself and listen to the whole track, it’s fair to say that it’s not especially gentlemanly.


You think I’m funny?
Good. I guess you know what happens next
Let’s have a little wine I bet you love Moscato
Don’t mind that hand, baby. Think of me as Johnny Bravo

Ab-Soul – Gone Insane

So the “tone-o-metre” started on its way down with the last song and has now crashed right through the floor and into the cellar with this little ditty, which once again features the Moscato Movement’s Ab Soul. For those interested Gloria Velez is a hip hop model and artist, as well as a TV personality.


Drownin’ in Moscato, popular pothead
Feel like I hit the lotto, and I just got head
From a famous model (who?), Gloria Velez
Lusting for Cubana’s culo you know what it is.

Bigg Robb – Moscato Love

And finally it’s over to Bigg Robb to round out this tribute to Moscato’s role in modern urban music and the movement behind the wine. For this scribe, these lyrics are the favourite, why? Well, I could consider myself to be slightly old school, so if this sweet wine gets you feeling young again I might just have to get a bottle on my way home tonight. This line could be used as part of an advertising campaign: “Moscato, makes old school feel young again.”


Moscato Love
You know what baby
Between the sweetness of your love and the sweetness of this Moscato we been sipping
You got old school feeling young again baby
That’s why tonight I’m gonna spoil you baby.

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