Winter warmer cocktails

As the snow and winter comes db suggests a number of winter warmer cocktails to help you keep out the cold.

Snow falling in the UKFrom a hot toddy to mulled wine, there are some classic warming drinks, but what about the after dinner mint or a hot buttered rum? There’s a great range of drinks to enjoy that will help you keep out the cold.

Although some people like to use these drinks in a medicinal way, there are some warnings that go with that. A motorist in the UK was banned from driving after he was found to be over the drink-drive limit after making a “medicinal” tipple.

Kenneth Kirton created a drink using a fortified wine, mixed with sugar and hot water, but was still over the limit when he drove the following morning. Kirton said: “I didn’t realise it was 17% wine. You drink it with lots of sugar, hot water and fresh lime, and it doesn’t taste alcoholic at all.”

So care needs to be taken, and the American Lung Association is against using alcoholic drinks to fight a common cold, as it can cause dehydration. But these drinks can be used to help you keep warm, so rug up, get the fire on, decide which of these drinks you want to enjoy and forget about the cold weather outside.

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