Top 10 wines in the British Press

We round up the top 10 wines featured in the British press last weekend

Olly Smith in the Mail on Sunday urges us to squeeze the last moments from summer and enjoy some fizz and, he says, it doesn’t have to be champagne: cava offers great value: “There’s nothing wrong with these low-cost bubblies, made via the same traditional method used for Champagne, except with local Spanish grapes.”

“What makes a good wine list?” asks Victoria Moore in the Telegraph. “Good wine, obviously, and that’s where I wish more pubs, bars and restaurants would start. I also like a wine list to be short.”

Susy Atkins in the Sunday Telegraph asks what we should serve with game? “There are gloriously happy marriages to be made between particular reds and grouse, partridge, woodcock and pheasant, and it’s a satisfying sport to track down and bag the right one for each.”




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