Stiffy’s vodka banned over suggestive name

8th November, 2011 by Lucy Shaw

Sales of Stiffy’s Jaffa Cake and Kola Kubez vodka liqueurs have been banned by The Portman Group after the drinks watchdog ruled the name was inappropriately linked to sex.

The group’s independent complaints panel upheld a complaint that the name “Stiffy” was an overtly sexual reference, forbidden under the Portman Group Code.

The producer of the vodka, Stiffy’s Shots Ltd, said the name had been chosen because “Stiffy” was the nickname of a person involved in the drink’s development, rather than for its sexual connotations.

While the panel acknowledged the company might not have deliberately linked the product with sexuality, the brand name alluded to sexual success and in so doing breached the responsibility code.

“Alcohol companies must be vigilant about marketing their products. It’s totally inappropriate for….

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One Response to “Stiffy’s vodka banned over suggestive name”

  1. josh says:

    Can u still buy stiffy vodka

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