Barton criticises recorking “racket”

17th November, 2011 by Gabriel Stone

Anthony Barton has stressed his opposition to the practice of recorking old vintages of Bordeaux, dismissing it as “a racket”.

The owner of second and third growth châteaux Léoville Barton and Langoa Barton confirmed that he refuses all requests from customers wishing to send their bottles back for recorking, a policy shared by many other Bordeaux producers.

“I’m against recorking,” he stated, remarking: “99 times out of 100 it’s a racket.” In particular Barton highlighted the perfectly legal problem of customers topping up their bottles with wine from the same vintage, on the grounds that “it just means they want to sell them.”

Qualifying his objection still further, Barton observed of these topped up wines: “The poor auctioneer says it has a good level, but it’s only….

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One Response to “Barton criticises recorking “racket””

  1. Grahame Martin says:

    Well done Anthony, I full agree with you about the ‘racket’ possibility.

    When asked, had my jeroboam of Leoville Barton 1966, sold at Christies (Paris) a few years ago,been recorked, I had great pleasure in telling them a very firm NO!!

    Ever since I entered the Wine Trade in 1969, I have always remembered the words of your ancestor Ronald Barton when he was teaching a group of new entrants (wine sprogs) about quality wines in Bordeaux. He said something about ‘quality, and producing a genuine product was far better than advertising by some incompetant advertising agency’ You will probably know to whom he was referring. .I only wish I had recorded his exact words.

    Well done and thank you

    Grahame Martin AIWS

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