Top 10 London pop-up restaurants

When Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller announced he was to launch a pop-up version of his landmark Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry in Harrods for 10 days in October and charge customers £250 a head for a seat, British gastronomes wept with both joy and despair.

That such an acclaimed chef would set up shop on our shores is testament to the strength of the UK’s burgeoning pop-up scene.

The recession has forced restaurateurs to think outside the box, and indeed, the restaurant. Pop-ups give chefs an arena in which to innovate their chef whites off, cut costs and experiment without going bankrupt.

Their evanescent nature is a huge part of the appeal, especially in a city like London, which has become almost unhealthily obsessed with the “new”.

Fleeting eateries are a symbol of our fast moving times. We have come to demand a forever changing culinary landscape, and the shoestring budget required for a pop-up allows this to happen.

As our culture becomes ever more disposable, so does our dining scene. Read on for our round up of London’s best temporary restaurants popping up (and down) around town.

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