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Glenmorangie launches Extra Matured range

Product name: Glenmorangie
Contact details: Moët Hennessy, +44 (0)20 7235 9411
Different bottle shapes are only one facet of Glenmorangie’s new brand identity, which launches this month. An Extra Matured range is replacing its Cask Finish, and the brand will benefit from a new global marketing programme, including advertising, merchandising, and tasting events. The Moët Hennessy single malt brand intends to promote growth and international expansion with its new, contemporary image. The brand will be packaged in a sculpted bottle, with individual shapes for Glenmorangie 18 Years Old and Glenmorangie Quarter Century. The brand’s flagship expression, formerly referred to as Ten Years Old, will now be labelled as Glenmorangie Original (10 Years Old). The new Extra Matured range consists of three single malts that are initially matured for at least 10 years in ex-bourbon casks, followed by extra maturation in Port, Sherry or Sauternes casks. These expressions have been named Lasanta, Quinta Ruban, and Nectar D’Or. These will be available on general release from 10 September, with RRPs of £28.99, £29.99 and £35.49. The Original sells for £25.99, with 18 Year Old at £80 and 25 Year Old at £210.

Product name: Tempus Two Moscato
Contact details: McGuigan Simeon, +44 (0)1784 468 361
The latest addition to the recently-launched Tempus Two Copper range is a Moscato 2007. The wine, made from 100% Moscato from south-eastern Australia, and in the traditional Moscato di Asti style, has an ABV of only 8%. The all-female winemaking team at Tempus Two has chosen to package this frizzante wine with a crown seal. It has recently been listed at Tesco, with an RRP of £7.99. Other wines in the Copper range include Wilde Ferment Chardonnay and Melange a Trois – a blend of Marsanne, Roussane and Viognier.

Product name: Inko White Iced Teas
Contact details: Mike Owen, +44 (0)786 214 2319
Inko’s white iced teas are now available in the UK. These ready to drink fruit-flavoured teas will be available from this autumn, initially with a range of four flavours, with four more to follow (RRP £1.50). These natural drinks are made by steaming unopened buds of the white tea plant from China, and are then infused with natural flavours. The Inko brand was created in the US and first launched in 2002. Joanna and Stew Conway, founders of Fruitfix juice and smoothie bar in the UK, discovered the brand early this year and have since gained rights to distribute it.

Product name: Trapiche Pinot Noir 2006
Contact details: Brand Phoenix, +44 (0)1306 875 225
New from Argentina’s largest export brand, Trapiche, is an unusual varietal for the country: a Pinot Noir. The wine forms part of the brand’s varietal range (all with an RRP of £5.99). The intention behind this wine was to demonstrate that Argentina has cool climate areas that can produce wines in a subtle, lighter style than normally associated with the country. This blend has been specifically created for the UK market, and is squarely aimed at the multiple grocer sector.

Product name: Vilafonté Vineyards
Contact details: +27 (0)218 844 410
The Vilafonté winegrowing team has been striving to communicate the “site-specific nature” of the Vilafonté vineyard. The answer for them has been Google Earth. The online mapping system gives consumers a relevant viewing tool, enabling them to view GPS coordinates of the South African site, and a visual representation of the complex effects their land and its “Vilafontes” soil type has on their wines. The GPS coordinates of the vineyard are now included on all packaging and corks of the new vintage Vilafonté.

Product name: Boheme 1795
Contact details: +44 (0)199 280 6191
Premium Czech lager; Boheme 1795, was launched exclusively in Tesco stores in the middle of last month. Having used the same brewing methods since the 1800s, Boheme is an “original” beer from the Ceské Budĕjovice region. The beer is made by brewing Saaz hops and Czech barley malt for between 55 and 65 days. Boheme is brewed exclusively for Tesco at Budĕjovický Mĕšťanský Pivovar (BMP) brewery, first established in 1795. Its first exports were in 1872, before Anheuser-Busch registered the Budweiser brand. The Czech Budvar brewery was established a century after Boheme’s brewery, in 1895. BMP was forced to give up its trademark rights during the Communist regime from 1948. These rights were later reinstated in 1989. With introductory prices running between August 13-October 9, the RRP ranges from £3 for 4 x 440ml cans to £10 for 20 x 330ml bottles.

Product name: Dominio de Campo Viejo Reserva 2001
Contact details: Pernod Ricard, +44 (0)20 8538 4328
Campo Viejo is heading up the price ladder with this new premium addition to its range. Dominio de Campo Viejo Reserva 2001 allows Pernod Ricard to take advatage of the opportunities presented by the top end of the Rioja category. This wine, flagship for the significant Rioja brand, places an emphasis on value and quality. According to Adrian Atkinson, “The brand’s ability to deliver quality and value at all price points is key to encouraging UK consumers to trade up and buy premium Rioja over £10.” Dominio has an RRP of £13.99.

Product name: Tokiwa Shochu
Contact details:  Malcolm Cowen, +44 (0)20 8965 1937
Akashi Sake Brewery’s authentic Japanese shochu, Tokiwa, will be available in the UK from next month from Malcolm Cowen. The rice shochu is created in Japan using traditional processes and ingredients. Akashi has been in operation for 140 years. Tokiwa, with an ABV of 25% and an RRP of £15.75-£17 per 720ml bottle, is being targeted at the on-trade and top-end retail outlets. The distilled spirit is traditionally served with hot water or over ice, but is also being promoted as a cocktail ingredient.

Product name: Laphroaig
Contact details: Beam Global, +44 (0)145 381 1960
Two new whiskies are being added to the Laphroaig range. These top-end additions are specifically aimed at collectors and enthusiasts offering two rare expressions of this Islay whisky. The first is a 25 year-old expression, already available at an RRP of £150. Laphroaig 27 year-old vintage 1980 will be launched next month (RRP £500), with under 1,000 bottles available to the UK, US and duty free markets. Each bottle of the Oloroso cask-matured spirit is individually numbered and signed by the Beam-owned brand’s master blender and distillery manager.

Product name: L’Olivier Rousanne Grenache Blanc
Contact details: Free Run Wines, +44 (0)1672 540 990
New from L’Olivier, created in the Andrieu Frères estate in Southern France, comes L’Olivier Roussanne Grenache Blanc. This new wine is produced exclusively from organic Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Muscat Petits Grains grapes. Nicolas Bauer, director of L’Olivier, has looked into the current consumer trend of environmental awareness and, with a donation to the Tropical Rainforest Trust for each bottle sold, the brand makes use of “cause-related marketing” to promote their “white wine with a conscience”. It will be available next month, with an RRP of £4.99.

Product name: Hine 1957
Contact details: Paragon Vintners, +44 (0)207 887 1772
Hine Vintage Cognacs has released its 1957 vintage, a Jarnac-matured Grande Champagne Cognac. This 50-year-old spirit is particularly rare: only five casks were laid down to mature. The Hine family has been making cognac for nearly 250 years, and are now into their sixth generation. The family’s finest cognacs still reside in 18th century cellars underneath the company’s offices in Jarnac. The 1957 vintage will be available in all major markets worldwide, with an RRP of £210 per bottle.

Product name: Monin Matcha Green Tea Syrup
Contact details: Bennett Opie, +44 (0)1795 476154
The market for green tea has increased quite significantly over recent years and, in an attempt to remain “on trend” and capture this market sector, French premium syrup company Monin have launched their latest flavour – Matcha Green Tea. Promoted as the perfect addition to Martinis, lattes and smoothies, the green tea and lemongrass flavour produces a refreshing taste, and the bright emerald colour gives drinks a signature contemporary look. The Monin range is available from Bennett Opie, retailing at £4.98 per bottle.

Product name: After
Contact details: After SA, +32 (0)273 29350
After is a Belgian coffee liqueur, expected to reach British shores within the next few months. The team behind this product believes that the coffee liqueur category is promising, but not realising its full potential. It is being targeted primarily at 25-55 year old women, marketed as a neat drink, either hot or cold, or as a cocktail or recipe ingredient. After has an ABV of 25%, and currently has an RRP of e14.95 in Benelux.

Product name: Vinova
Contact details: Indurub, +32 (0)55 390 014
Vinova is a new synthetic wine closure from plastics company, Indurub. The fact that this is an extruded closure, with closed endings, contributes towards easier bottling and easier reinsertion, as well as limiting interaction between the closure and the wine. This closure also allows for a significant degree of customisation. The ends can be embossed with a year, cork imitation, or logo. The closure itself can be printed on as well, and is available in a number of colours.

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