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David ‘Robbo’ Robertson, Easy Drinkng Whisky Co

db: Which one of your three whiskies is most like you?
DR: Rich Spicy ‘cause its simple, straightforward, honest, additive-free, dark and mixes well, all wrapped up in a cuddly, home-made (some might say scruffy, I prefer casual), short and slightly squat sort of way! Maybe not rich yet, but certainly very spicy.

db: Which of your partners in crime, Jon or Mark, would you rather be for a day? DR: Jon – I’d love to stop falling in every time I try windsurfing, kayaking and river bugging, I’m crap at watersports unfortunately … and he doesn’t have the middle-aged spread that I do.
db: Sorry for this, but we have to ask, do you all wear kilts and eat haggis?
: Of course! We thought it was mandatory that if you made whisky you had to wear a tartan travel rug, eat offal and turn instantly grey like all the crusty old duffers that make and drink this oh-so-precious nectar of the gods … No, stuff that! Shorts and T-shirts are quite adequate for protecting our modesty!
db: What is your favourite a) Fruit?
: Three answers – the mighty Scottish raspberry picked fresh in the Tay valley and eaten smothered in Mackies fresh ice cream; followed by my Gran’s apple crumble dusted in cinnamon with a dollop of custard, and finally, any kind of smoothie – so simple and easy for taking my five portions a day.
db: b) Cartoon character?
: I’ve got two – Rhubarb and Custard (“the birds were in the trees … “) and the world famous Hong Kong Phooey Number 1 Superstar … or does that count as three?
db: c) Cheese?
: Has to be Applewood – love the texture and the smoky (not peaty!) BBQ flavour – a little eccentric I know, but hey.
db: d) Serving suggestion for whisky?
DR: Always large and long – Sweet Ginger Fizz is very refreshing (our Sweet Smooth whisky with ginger beer and a twist of lime); Spicy Sparkle (Rich Spicy and lemonade with a twist of orange); and my absolute fave at the moment, Smokey Cokey, destined to be the hot new bar call (Smoky Peaty with Coke).
db: What’s your ring tone?
Nokia’s finest though my kids would love something else (green, noisy and drives a motorbike – nae chance!).

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