The top 10 trending cocktails in UK bars

Funkin Cocktails has released the latest ranking of the top 10 trending cocktails in UK bars, with the Porn Star Martini once again coming out on top.

Why all sommeliers need to learn about non-alcoholic alternatives to wine

Sommeliers and bartenders should be able to recommend non-alcoholic beverages to pair with food just as they can with wine, beer or spirits, according to the next generation of drinks entrepreneurs.

Virgin Wines launches spirit and craft beer shops

Online wine retailer Virgin Wines has started a new marketing push for its newly expanded range, which now includes over 300 spirits and a new craft beer shop that will enable customers to mix their own beer cases online. 

WTO backs US tariffs on Scotch, wine and liqueur

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has formally granted the US authorisation to implement tariffs on a number of goods made in the EU, including wine, Scotch whisky and liqueurs.

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