Virtual winery, brewery and distillery tours to ease the lockdown blues

If one thing's for certain, coronavirus has moved the drinks industry online, from deliveries to virtual tastings. Here we round up a selection of wineries, breweries and distilleries that can be toured from the comfort of your home. 

Czech brewers need drinkers for 1.3m pints

Brewers in the Czech Republic are stepping up production of beer in cans and bottles rather than keg as the country’s pubs close while also warning close to 1.3 million pints worth of fresh lager will go “off” unless it is drunk soon.

The countries that have banned alcohol sales due to the coronavirus

While restrictions have been placed on alcohol sales in many countries due to the closure of pubs, restaurants, bars and shops, we've rounded up the countries and regions that have gone one step further. 

Halewood forced to close US office due to Covid-19

Drinks manufacturer and distributor Halewood Wines & Spirits has said it will introduce voluntary redundancies, close its US operations and downsize its Australian business as Covid-19 hits the company "very hard". 

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