Fine wine investment: Keeping it simple

Twenty years ago fine wine was very much an insider’s paradise but this is increasingly not the case and cutting the jargon has to be a priority if companies want to make it more accessible to new investors.

Fine wine investment: post-Brexit price performance

In his analysis of post-Brexit price movement, Philip Staveley of Amphora Portfolio Management finds that there was no premium in terms of price-rise accorded to older (pre 1996), and therefore scarcer wines.

Fine wine investment: what is ‘ex-cellar’ worth?

All markets are awash with participants who believe things that are wrong, and in the fine wine world one of the erroneous beliefs is that there is something mystically superior about ex-château stock.

Fine wine investment: the top under-performers

Amphora explores which wines have under-performed most since the referendum result – a period that has otherwise tended to benefit the overall market – and asks which wines still represent good value.

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