Fine wine investment: back in La La land

The wines of the Côte Rôtie don’t often set the market alight, because they are such small participants in the overall game but the performance of the famous 'La Las' over the last six months has been little short of spectacular.

Fine wine investment: the problem with Burgundy

The hitch with Burgundy is that while its numbers may seem encouraging, the difficulty of getting hold of any makes it a poor choice for many portfolios.

Small screen boosts confidence in fine wine

Beady-eyed investors will have had the chance to see and hear Amphora’s own James Fletcher on CNBC last Thursday. Yes folks, the fine wine market has been barreling ahead at such a rate as to attract the attention of the small screen.

Henri Giraud to open 0% stainless steel cellar

Champagne Henri Giraud is to open a "pioneering" new cellar this November with 0% stainless steel.

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