Fine wine investment: Playing the Burgundy game

It is tempting when you see the headlines to think that investing in Burgundy is a pretty easy way to make a few bob, but it rather depends on your ability to buy it in the first place.

Fine wine investment: Holding the fort

Although in most instances an 'on' vintage from a top label will cost more than an 'off' vintage, when it comes to the second labels of the first growths this isn't always the case.

Fine Wine Investment: Monkey business

Even a gibbon could make money if the overall market was going up but that's not how any market, let alone fine wine, works – so why is it that some people seem happy to participate without doing what they would do if they made any other material financial outlay; find out a bit about the market and how it operates before laying their money down?

Fine wine investment: Best and worst

How have the top three algorithm picks from each of the first growths performed against the bottom three since the market started its rally at the end of November 2015?

Fine wine investment: Rock steady

February 22nd, 2018

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