Fine wine investment: local hero

It seems there’s nothing rubs people the wrong way like a wine critic and some of it might well be justified, particularly as the best way to increase your influence is to 'put yourself out there' – on the other hand it can pay off big time.

Fine wine investment: post-Parker skirmishes

The physical release of a hotly-tipped Bordeaux vintage is always a good chance to further observe the impact of critical thought in a post-Parker landscape.

Fine wine investment: Rock steady

Market wobbles always grab headlines but whether the bull run is really coming to an end or it will recover, the outcome will work either way for fine wine.

Fine Wine Investment: critical weightings

As the critical world realigns itself in the post-Parker landscape, the consensus view seems to be that we may well go through a phase where the average critics’ score is the guiding principle for a while and this leaves scope for outlier opinions to have an impact.

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