Fine wine investment: was 2016 EP a failure?

Now that the en primeur season is behind us it is interesting to reflect that many commentators are talking as though it has been something of a failure – but we beg to differ.

Fine wine investment: bargains among the 2012s

It has taken a while for 2012 to recover from its en primeur inspired hangover but a lot of wines from that vintage have well lately, enough for people to be asking whether or not there are still bargains around from that year.

Fine wine investment: too good to be true?

At Amphora Portfolio Management we regularly emphasise that investment markets are conditioned by expectations and surprises. Certain labels might race to phenomenal heights and successes that make them look very appealing but are those gains sustainable?

Fine wine investment: Go figure

The en primeur season is a great time not only for wine investors to snap up such new treats as they arise, but also to take stock of bottled bargains from earlier vintages - because some châteaux clearly don't have their maths in order.

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