Coravin to become ‘the Nespresso of wine’

Coravin’s CEO, Fred Levy, has bold ambitions for the brand and wants to turn the gadget into “the Nespresso of wine” used in kitchens all over the world.

Coravin’s CEO, Fred Levy, wants it to become ‘the Nespresso of wine’

Speaking to the drinks business during Vinexpo last week, the former president of Nespresso USA said:

“I worked for Nespresso for 20 years so have taken inspiration from my time there in my approach to Coravin.

“Coravin is an aspirational product and my dream is for it to become the Nespresso of wine and to see one in every kitchen all over the world – I want people to retire their corkscrews.”

In terms of the colours the device comes in, Levy revealed that the cherry red edition was inspired by the success of the KitchenAid mixer in the same hue.

He told db that the rose gold edition is proving popular with women, while the matt black version, which he dubs ‘the bad boy’, is successful with men.

The company is currently developing a new range of colours for the gadget but can’t go into specifics about it at the moment.

Having started out marketing the Coravin to wine professionals and male wine lovers, Levy told db that women are now the fastest growing market for the wine access gadget.

“It particularly appeals to professional women in cities like London and New York who want to enjoy a glass of wine after work but don’t want to open or finish a whole bottle,” he said.

In keeping with this current growth, the company is soon to release a TV ad campaign in the US aimed at women.

Coravin recently developed a new device designed to be used on wines bottled under screwcap, which is doing well in restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney, where screwcaps rule the roost. The screwcap-friendly Coravin, which features medical silicon, is good for 50 goes according to Levy.

As to whether we’ll soon be seeing a Coravin for our Bollinger and Krug, Levy says the sparkling wine version is still being developed and there are no plans for a launch date just yet.

He told db that France has been one of the slowest markets to embrace the device due to its deep-set traditions of popping a cork, but that demand was high in South America, where the company is currently focusing on expanding the brand.

“At the moment Coravin is very well known by a few people – we want to change this so it’s known by everyone – our biggest challenge is distribution,” Levy said.

16 Responses to “Coravin to become ‘the Nespresso of wine’”

  1. Arturo DG says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Wine is to open and share, things you guys at Coravin might not know. I understand the use of your system in Restaurants and bars but “in every kitchen all over the world”? What a pathetic image that is. Mr Levy working on making the world full of lonely individuals drinking their young Petrus by themselves.
    + Why would Nespresso be associated to the world of fine wine? Nestlé is all but a prestigious brand.

  2. Don Bradley says:

    Have never seen one up close but looks like will not fit in fridge when attached to open wine bottle. Ugly to boot!

  3. Mary Thomas says:

    What really gets me is the consumer ‘lock in system’ with these massively overpriced cartridges.
    And I agree with Arturo – for me wine is about sharing of a bottle with friends! And I’m not going to do that with some geeky contraption!

  4. Luca says:

    You never see it and already complaining about it?
    That would be a great idea for house kitchen!
    The coravin is not to be keep on bottle, but allows you to take off just a glass of wine without ruin the wine, as you sure know wine open is good only for 2 days if stored correctly.
    Just think if you buy a expensive wine ( sure you guys never did and you buy only 5€ wines) you can enjoy a glass and keep the bottle save for another 10+ year.

  5. F.Capman says:

    I have an excellent idea for Mr Fred Levy and his quest of Coravin attaining the success of Nespresso. How can I reach him?
    Thank you

  6. John Heminsley says:

    I would like to find out more please as I think I can make a market for it. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you this week.
    With Regards,

  7. William Chesna says:

    Tried the product and believe it preserves wine the best way. If you pay plenty for really great bottle keep it as long as you can enjoy the taste. Cheers to all who like GOOD STUFF!

  8. Bob Nuzie says:

    My company has great retail contacts throughout the USA. Would be happy representing you to a selected group of accounts. Think the item is great.

  9. Gary says:

    The Corovin is VERY expensive and expensive to replenish the Nitrogen/Argon canister refills. Try the Duckit by Safe, easy to use at a FRACTION of the price – including refils!

  10. Susan says:

    I’ve had my Coravin for several months and I love it! Instead of opening a lesser bottle for 2 glasses of wine for dinner we can have 2 great glasses and keep the remainder of the bottle for another evening. I highly recommend the Coravin.

  11. In my extensive experience with wines under Stelvin, the wine is usually so reductive (ie lacking oxygen) that it will last for days in an ullaged bottle. Most reds will last for 5-7 days

  12. Hi,
    Could you please send me information about distribution in Italy ? If you have no engagements yet I ‘d like to talk about it.

  13. It’s great for sharing wine with friends for sure–multiple wines, really, so you can do tasting portions with a spouse or tasting buddy, or structured tastings with a group where you might compare and pair an ounce of multiple wines. My husband and I love it for tapping into our finer wines across many nights when we just don’t want to share an entire bottle of wine, or sip only one wine for the evening.

  14. Hi all,
    Thank you for all your comments, our company position is to never interfere in comments or discussions, this is why we are silent listeners/readers, but if you want to contact me directly, please feel free to reach out at

  15. David says:

    I am always doggedly committed to finish any task I begin, and that includes any bottle of wine! However, it pains me to see my father open an extremely good bottle of wine, drink one glass (or less) and shove the re-corked bottle in the Southern California room temperature pantry (the horror!). (My mother does not enjoy red wine, so he’s often the only one drinking.) Stop by a week or two later and you’ve got a degraded wine.
    So, I’m thinking this would be a good gift. Too bad I missed Fathers Day!

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