Hugel: Asia ‘the best market’

24th November, 2015 by Lucy Jenkins

Etienne Hugel is ‘bouyant’ about Asia since Japan has jumped ahead of the UK in terms of volume exports and China’s sales have increased by 45% year on year.

Speaking to the drinks business Hong Kong, Hugel explained that the “love affair with Asia” started in the 1950s when exports first started to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

“I think one of the reasons why we are so strong in Asia is that in 65 years, we’ve just had one change of importers in Japan, and in Hong Kong and Singapore, two changes. You build trust and confidence in your partners and gain a very solid relationship.”

Alongside Famille Perrin and Pol Roger, Hugel founded Jeroboam importers and each share distribution across several Asian markets, including….

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