Top 10 wild whisky bottles

In an increasingly competitive market it’s no wonder that whisky producers have turned to ever-more eye-catching designs to catch the attention of the consumer.


Suntory’s limited edition Rolling Stones bottle to mark the band’s 50th anniversary

Adding a splash of colour to the world’s rich whisky tapestry, the following examples stood as having done away with convention to produce some truly unique bottles.

From beautifully intricate glass blown bottles to downright wacky designs, the ever-dynamic world of whisky is never short on innovation.

Japanese producers Nikka and Suntory deserve a special mention for their efforts in releasing some of the most unusual bottlings in recent times. Others meanwhile have latched onto historical milestones in order to transform their whisky into a cult collectors item.

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8 Responses to “Top 10 wild whisky bottles”

  1. James says:

    That samurai Nikka bottle can be bought at Japan duty free for around $40AUD still today I picked it up last year

  2. Dylan says:

    …and for those of us who don’t travel to Japan every day it’s £150 at auction, which is still cheaper than a flight to Tokyo.

  3. S. Ward says:

    The current Samurai whiskey bottle has a plastic helmet though. That probably explains the lower price.

  4. Brian Lidbetter says:

    I have an unopened JApanese Nikka samurai bottle of whiskey all metal including metal helmet. I have had it for 20 years and it is still in its original box. Could you please advise me of the value? Thanking you Brian Lidbetter

  5. Brian Poulsen says:

    I have a couple bottles in original packaging, with metal helmet etc. I’ve seen them for around $500.

    I’d be willing to entertain offers.

  6. Vincent says:

    I have an unopened bottle and box in perfect condition purchased early 1980’s. Any comments on quality and drink ability of the whiskey. Thanks

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