Global wine and spirits markets in decline

The global spirits market declined by 0.1% in 2014, a loss of 3.1 million nine-litre cases, while global wine sales fell by 1.1%, according to the 2015 IWSR Database.

vodka-shot-glassSales of Imported spirits grew 4.3 million cases, however sales of local spirits declined by 7.4 million cases, dragging the overall global spirits market downward.

The Americas, CIS and Europe all posted declines in consumption of local spirits, with a drop in sales of cachaça in Brazil and vodka in Ukraine a key contributor. Consumption of local spirits in Asia-Pacific & Africa and the Middle East however remained in growth.

Overall, Africa & the Middle East reported the largest growth in terms of spirits consumption with the region gaining 1.2 million of local spirits and 1.5 million of imported spirits, leading the IWSR to declare it a “key region” for growth and investment.

Imported spirits continued to grow in the Americas and European markets, albeit it at a slower pace than in 2013, with sales of whisk(e)y and flavoured spirits driving growth in the former. Indeed, whisk(e)y proved to be the largest-growing category globally, adding 10 million cases to sales and growing in its domestic and export markets, while India, the US and Angola were the top three largest-growth markets for the category.

In Europe, whisk(e)y and gin performed well while flavoured spirits and vodka appeared to be falling our of favour with consumers, according to the IWSR. 

The global wine market fell by 1.1% in 2014, a loss of 39.5 million, while imported wine consumption remained flat. Local wine sales declined by 1.5%, with the CIS reporting the the largest decline in wine consumption as it continues to battle against political and economic unrest.

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